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Advantages of Preventative Tree Care

Maintaining a home and property includes caring for your landscape and trees. A well-cared-for landscape can add as much as thirty percent to its overall value, so prioritizing how your property looks and feels from the curb will benefit you greatly.

Your trees are an integral part of your landscape. Healthy trees add beauty, strength, and protection to your home and property; caring for them should be a priority if you wish to maintain and even improve your home’s value.

Advantages of preventative tree care

Any tree can benefit from regular pruning and maintenance to attain its ideal shape and strength. Caring for trees is something best left to professional arborists; they have the expertise and trained eyes to be able to correctly identify issues such as:

  • Improper growth patterns

  • Soil deficiencies

  • Pest infestations

  • Disease

  • Stressful conditions that might cause an otherwise healthy tree to fail

Consider adding regular maintenance and care for all the trees for all the benefits they will yield.

Contributing to healthy growth and development of trees

Regular maintenance care and pruning are essential parts of yielding healthy trees. Proper pruning techniques include:

  • Removing dead and diseased branches.

  • Stimulating new growth.

  • Improving the overall growth pattern of a tree.

Do what you can to maintain and improve the health of your trees to avoid costly, time-consuming repair and clean up. A healthy tree costs you less over time than emergency care or removing a diseased tree. Putting time and money into preventative care could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in emergency care and cleanup.

Adding value to property

A well-manicured, pleasing landscape adds value to your home and property. The outer appearance of your home is often the first–and only–impression people have of your property. Overgrown shrubs and trees can not only impact other plant growth, but it looks unsightly and unappealing to those who might otherwise see your property as an opportunity. Keep up your yard and maintain your trees and other vegetation to give the best impression that adds value to your home, whether you sell or not.

Improving your home’s appearance

Adding preventative lawn care and tree maintenance to your list of homeowner chores will improve the appearance of your whole property. Regular trimming and pruning of your trees will prevent limbs from growing in ways that might impact your home and landscape.

Eliminating potential safety concerns

While one can’t always predict and prevent the outcome of inclement weather on your property, having properly maintained trees can certainly reduce potential safety concerns that arise from trees that are not well cared for. A healthy tree is far less likely to fall victim to high winds, driving hail, and torrential rain. Your trees will continue to stand tall and protect your property, and you have greater assurance that downed limbs will impact the structure of your home as well as surrounding utility poles.

Reducing the incidence of disease and infection

Regular assessment and care for your trees mean that the trained eye of an arborist is regularly looking at them for signs of disease and pest infestation. Without these regular assessments, your mighty oaks are susceptible to diseases and pest infestations that can quickly take over and take even the biggest leafy giant down. If caught early, many of these conditions can be treated and even reversed with proper care.

Call Sarasota Tree Service! We’ve Got You Covered!

Sarasota tree service professionals are trained arborists who are passionate about their clients. We provide all aspects of tree care and service. From planting and pruning to infection assessment and stump removal, we have all your tree care needs covered. Contact us today to evaluate your beautiful landscape–we want to keep it that way! Visit for more information.

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