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Benefits Of Having Trees On Your Property


Trees are a lush and beautiful addition to any property or landscape. As we survey the beauty of parks, communities, and cities around us, few of us give any thought to how having trees on the landscape benefits not only those that own property, but all of us. Here are some little-known benefits of trees and how they add both beauty and value to our lives:

Trees fight climate change. According to climate scientists, excess carbon dioxide is building up in our atmosphere daily, gradually raising temperatures and contributing to more severe and extreme weather patterns. Trees can absorb and assimilate this excess CO2, convert the carbon into oxygen, and release it back into the air for us to breathe. Just one acre of mature trees can convert enough carbon dioxide to counteract a car’s exhaust emissions over 26,000 miles. Pretty impressive.

Trees help clean our air. Trees help trap pollutant odors and other potentially harmful substances, filtering them out through leaves and bark while hard at work converting CO2 to oxygen. The result is cleaner air for us, and fewer respiratory problems for those who live in heavily wooded areas.

Trees help to cool city streets. Los Angeles temperatures have risen steadily in recent years due to the fact that more vegetation has been cleared to make room for paved streets and concrete. These heat-absorbing substances make for some steamy summers in this area of the country. A neighborhood block filled with mature trees can cool the surrounding air and residential areas by almost twenty degrees, helping to offset heating and cooling costs for many.

Trees help to conserve energy. Three well-placed trees around a residence can cut cooling costs for homeowners by as much as fifty percent. This is great news for anyone needing to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels used to heat and cool our homes.

Trees reduce water pollution. A tree can reduce runoff and prevent harmful chemicals from reaching groundwater sources. In addition, a mulched tree acts as a sponge, filtering rainwater naturally and absorbing it as it contributes to the groundwater supply.

Trees prevent sunburn. The leading type of cancer in the United States is skin cancer; trees can shield ultraviolet rays by as much as fifty percent on those hot spring and summer days when kids are most active outside. Adults, tree shade is just as effective for you; pull that lawn chair under a leafy green patch and enjoy the fresh air with fewer cares.

Trees provide food. A single apple tree can yield between 15-20 bushels of apples per year, and they can be planted on tiny urban lots. Trees not only feed people, but they also provide food for wildlife and birds as well.

Trees reduce violence in urban areas. Can you believe that neighborhoods that sport a little greenery have consistently lower incidents of violence and crime than their concrete counterparts? Studies have shown that the presence of vegetation and trees seems to reduce the level of fear that we experience in our communities.

Trees create economic opportunity. Fruit from trees can be harvested and eaten or sold for profit, while wood from tree bark can be used to fashion several useful household items. Maintenance and landscaping opportunities abound in communities containing trees used to beautify living spaces. They have potential to positively impact many aspects of life.

Trees can increase property value. Well-planted, beautiful trees can increase the value of your home and property by as much as thirty percent. When trees are properly cared for, their value only increases over time.

Is it time to improve your own landscape? Give us a call!

Fey and Sons, LLC are a group of arborists trained in all aspects of tree care. Planting, pruning, landscape design, and removal are just a few of the professional services that we offer in hopes that we can make your home and property more beautiful. Call us today for a landscape assessment and watch the value of your home grow with every branch. Visit for more information.

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