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Benefits Of Landscaping With Trees

Palm Trees

Trees are a natural and beautiful part of any landscape. In order to thrive and add value and beauty to your property, they need plenty of sunlight, fresh air, and water; many people assume that trees can stand on their own when it comes to growth and health. The reality is, you still need to check in on your trees from time to time to ensure that they will grow and remain healthy.

Why add trees to your property?

Some homeowners avoid adding trees to their landscape, citing that they are too costly to care for and maintain. Trees have far more benefits than requirements when it comes to enhancing your home and property. A well-planned landscape that includes trees will not only make your property look fantastic, but it will also provide the kind of ambiance that contributes to your health as well. Read on to see why adding and maintaining trees will benefit you, your home, and even your health.

Benefits of landscaping with trees

Few people are knowledgeable about how trees will benefit them. Once you begin to add trees to your property and give thoughtful consideration to your landscape design, you’ll quickly see just how beneficial they can be. Here are just a few examples of how trees on your property will enhance daily life:

They contribute to a healthier environment. In hot summer months, trees help to provide shade and shelter, keeping our environment cooler and more comfortable. Trees can easily assimilate carbon dioxide, which tends to trap gases and heat our atmosphere.

Trees also improve air quality by absorbing toxins and harmful gases from the atmosphere, releasing oxygen back into the air that we breathe. Just one tree can reduce 300 pounds of carbon dioxide per year; think about the implications of planting new trees regularly and how that can significantly impact air quality.

Trees have economic benefits. You can reduce your energy costs by strategically placing and planting trees around your property. Properly planted trees have the ability to provide shade, act as a windbreak, and even help keep your home warmer in winter.

Planting trees is a wonderful way to add value to your home and property. It is estimated that properties with trees sell almost thirty percent higher than those whose landscapes look sparse. Whether you are considering a sale or not in the near future, add some beautiful trees to your landscape for aesthetic and economic value.

Trees have social/emotional benefits. With a renewed push to prioritize our mental health these days, it’s nice to know that planting and tending trees can actually lower your stress levels. Spending time with your trees can be likened to spending time in nature, which is good for the mind, body, and soul.

Adding trees to a commercial landscape gives employees and clients a place to relax and unwind during a busy day. After a “green” session, employees find that they are more relaxed, centered, and productive, which leads to a more positive workplace.

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