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Best "Tree-Friendly" Shrubs To Grow In Florida

Florida Palm Tree

As a homeowner, you likely don’t give too much thought to your landscape until you begin to see issues crop up. Unhealthy shrubbery, diseased trees, and unhealthy soil can negatively impact the way your property looks and feels; while many of us would like to be able to design a landscape ecosystem that works, few of us have the knowledge and expertise to do so.

Your friendly neighborhood arborist is not just a tree expert; he is knowledgeable about all types of plants, trees, and shrubbery, and he knows what will play well and what will not. If you are looking to improve the look and the overall health of trees, plants, and shrubbery on your landscape, read on to see how you can incorporate some of Florida’s native beauty into your new and improved design. These “tree-friendly” shrubs will complement your tall giants without compromising soil health or space:

  • Banana Shrub The Banana Shrub is a hardy flowering relative to the magnolia tree; its beautiful blooms and evergreen appearance make it a very low-maintenance addition to your steamy Florida soil. They are known to grow almost ten feet tall in their full glory, and the creamy blooms burst forth in spring, giving off a delectable scent of ripe banana and cantaloupe. Banana shrubs grow best in partial sun, light shade with moist soil.

  • Bay Laurel The Bay Laurel shrub is a medium to large evergreen shrub that can grow up to twelve feet tall. You can prune a bay laurel into a tree-like form by pruning off the lower branches to expose the trunk. Thick, leathery leaves are deep green, quite aromatic, and they can be used for cooking. Small clusters of yellow flowers can bloom on female shrubs in the spring, eventually morphing into blackberries. A bay laurel grows well in a container or planted in groups to create a hedge or screening effect.

  • Beautyberry The Beautyberry is appropriately named, for it is well known for its brilliant cluster of purple florals that give way to brightly colored berries that attract equally beautiful wildlife and birds. One of the smaller shrubs on this list grows nearly six feet tall in partial shade, and it can tolerate soil imbalances and drought conditions more readily than other plants. Beautyberry is an attractive addition to any Florida landscape.

  • Crepe Jasmine The clean look and luxurious fragrance of Crepe Jasmine make it an ideal accompaniment to other shrubs and trees on your property. This densely packed evergreen shrub has glossy leaves and brilliant white flowers that are as fragrant as they are beautiful. This is a perfect addition to any moonlit pathway or used as a hedge.

  • Dwarf Holly With brilliant contrasts of green and red, the Dwarf Holly brings festive flavor to your Florida greens. Excellent when used as foundation plantings, borders, hedges, or even in containers, its low maintenance flourish will fill out your lower landscape for some nice height variation.

  • Firebush Firebush is a very durable perennial plant that flowers a brilliant coral. 4 to 8-inch leaves are covered with fine red hairs as they mature. The firebush is one of a few bushes that bloom almost year-round; its brilliant blooms attract hummingbirds and butterflies, making them a fantastic addition to pollinators and butterfly gardens.

  • Ixora Ixora shrubs come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing homeowners to coordinate with existing landscape shrubbery. Brilliant blooms of pink, red, yellow, white, and orange are accented with deep glossy green leaves. Ixora blooms do best in full sun and make a very attractive plant, hedge, or addition to any mixed garden, deck, and patio configuration.

Need some advice? Give us a call!

Fey and Sons has trained arborists who are not just passionate about trees; they care about your whole landscape! From soil and planting to pruning and excavation, we cover all landscape care and maintenance matters to improve the look, feel, and the value of your home. If you want some advice on how to brighten up your landscape and improve the health of your plants and trees, don’t hesitate. Contact us today, and we’ll help you get started on your most beautiful property yet; visit for more information.

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