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Best Trees For Your Landscape

Florida Home

Your home is your oasis; it is a place where you relax, refresh, and unwind from the pressures and stresses of life. Creating an inviting home includes the creation of a beautiful landscape to enjoy as well.

The addition of shrubbery, flowers, and trees will not only add beauty to your home but also value. Strategically planning your landscape is like putting money in your pocket, as it adds value to your entire property. Whether you choose to sell your home or stay and enjoy it for decades, you deserve to have a well-manicured and well-planned landscape that will provide shade, shelter, and beauty.

Why add trees?

A tree adds privacy, color, shade, and shelter to your yard. It is a protector against the elements, It helps keep your home cool and energy-efficient, and it is a welcome addition to any landscape. Planting trees and shrubs that can withstand the harshness of Florida weather is challenging, but it can be done beautifully if you choose the right materials. If you are considering doing some updating of your current landscape design, consider these magnificent trees:

Little Gem Magnolia--This little beauty could well be the crown jewel of your landscape. The flowering variety contains dark and glossy leaves, which grow in stark contrast to vibrant white blossoms. The little gem magnolia tree will typically grow twenty feet in the first twenty years of its life; it will provide shelter, shade, and beauty for years to come. The gem magnolia thrives in hot, humid weather, making it a perfect addition to any Florida home landscape project.

Crepe Myrtle--Crepe Myrtle trees are a feast for the eyes. Their impressive bursts of floral design come forth in white, red, and vibrant pink. A hearty variety of tree, they grow well in hot and humid climates, and they thrive particularly well in soil that has a high clay content. Crepe myrtles do require a bit of pruning and care to grow their best. If you are not too knowledgeable about the care and pruning of this type of tree, you might consider hiring a professional arborist to ensure that your crepe myrtle reaches its full potential.

Geiger Tree--This dense, well-rounded evergreen tree is a wonderful addition to any Florida home landscape. They reach heights of an impressive thirty feet, and their dense canopies can often stretch almost twenty-five feet wide. Relatively easy to care for and maintain, the Geiger tree will bless you with vibrant orange blossoms and pleasing green foliage for year-round enjoyment.

Tibouchina Granulosa--Do you love the color purple? This tree/shrub is the perfect one for you. Also referred to as “purple glory,” the tibouchina granulosa will not be mistaken for any other plant in your landscape once it begins to flower. Lush purple blooms pair seamlessly with a velvety-green backdrop that can grow up to thirty feet if pruned and cared for properly.

Jacaranda Tree--Beauty and function do a symbiotic dance to provide cooling shade and a pop of color to your lush landscape. The Jacaranda is a giant among landscape trees; it can grow upwards of 100 feet, providing you with shelter, shade, and velvety blue color from its trumpet-shaped blooms. The Jacaranda is a hearty tree that grows best in full sun; it also acclimates well to all types of soil.

Tabebuia--This fantastic piece of greenery comes in hundreds of varieties, with each one being more beautiful than the last. Twisting combinations of trunk branches and beautiful blooms add depth and personality to your landscape that lasts year-round. The tabebuia does require good drainage, but in general, it is a very adaptable plant, making it great for hot Florida weather.

Need some advice? Contact us today!

Fey And Sons professional arborists are certified in all aspects of tree planting, care, and maintenance. Our committed, knowledgeable staff will work with you to design the landscape of your dreams and improve your property's look and value. Contact us soon to see how we can help make your property breathtakingly beautiful; visit for more information.

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