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Creative Ideas For Adding Trees To Your Landscape


Having beautiful trees in your yard is something every homeowner desires to experience, yet few of us know just how beneficial trees are to adding value and protection to your home and landscape.

Benefits of adding trees to your landscape

A carefully thought-out landscape that includes mature and new trees will make your property shine and provide loved ones and guests with opportunities to rest, relax, and recharge in natural beauty.

Trees help protect and improve the environment in which they are placed. They'll not only reduce noise and air pollution, but they can filter water and absorb rainfall, lessening the impacts of floods and stormwater erosion.

Trees can help you save money. You can reduce your property's energy costs by strategically planting trees in places that can provide shade, act as windbreaks, and facilitate warmth through colder winter months.

Trees will also improve the value of your property. Statistics show that well-maintained and preserved landscapes that include trees can increase property values by as much as 40 percent. With these stats in mind, it might be time to brainstorm the best and most creative ways of adding trees to your property.

Creative ways to incorporate trees into your landscape

Here are some fun and innovative ways to spruce up existing trees or incorporate new saplings into your thriving landscape. In doing so, you'll be creating opportunities for greater health, individual expression, and greater value for you and your loved ones.

1. Decorate at the base of an existing tree. Cover the area around the base of your tree with a layer of mulch, then add smaller shade plants and colorful flowers for a dressed-up look. Some small stones, succulents, and lawn ornaments can also do much to spruce up this space.

2. Build a tree ring. As you choose to surround your trees with decor, make sure you create with the tree's health in mind. Place objects at least 8-10 inches from the tree trunk, filling it with mulch, pinecones, and other materials determined to be safe for the tree and its root system.

3. Create pathways. Clever use of bricks, landscaping rocks, paver stones, and other materials can create a walkway to and around trees. Add colorful and interesting foliage on either side of the walkway to add interest. A unique bench or sitting area under a tree is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

4. Work tree roots into your presentation. Exposed roots can present themselves as a tripping hazard and impact the visual appeal of your landscaping. If you try to subdue or cover them to improve the appearance of your lawn, however, you could end up killing the tree. Consider adding ground plants such as:

  1. Bunchberry

  2. Hosta

  3. Garden ferns

  4. Spotted deadnettle

  5. Yellow archangel

  6. Sweet woodruff

To minimize the impact of tree roots without smothering them completely. Ground plants can add variety and interest to your landscape without harming your trees.

5. Add a rock garden. There are various ways to beautify the area at the base of a tree with a well-placed rock garden. Rocks and bricks are an excellent alternative to plants, and they require less care to get the desired look you want. Use them correctly, or you could compromise the health of your tree. Leave 8-10 inches free around the base of the trunk as you set them in place.

6. Add water. Water features bring a certain "zen" to any landscape; fountains, birdbaths, and other liquid elements freshen your space and invite wildlife into your gardens. Understand that maintenance will be necessary; keep filters and fixtures clean and free from debris to avoid stagnant water that can attract pests and mosquitoes.

7. Add a shade garden. The perfect place for a shade garden is between two mature trees. Certain plants and flowers flourish in low light conditions, such as hostas, impatiens, and magnolias. Create a lavish, green shade garden in the space between and around mature trees to add depth and beauty to your landscape.

Need some more ideas? Give us a call!

If you need great ideas on how to spruce up your landscape without compromising the health of your trees, call your friendly neighborhood arborist. Sarasota Tree Service professionals know all about tree health; our seasoned experts will give you valuable advice about adding to your landscape and adding value to your property. Contact us today to see how we'll help you beautify and protect your most valuable asset–your home. Visit for more information.

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