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How To Hire An Arborist


A well-maintained landscape is a thing of beauty. Not only is it calming and orderly, but it can also bring value to your home and property. One vital component of a well-cared-for landscape is healthy trees. Healthy trees can:

  • Lower your heating and cooling costs year-round

  • Provide noise insulation from traffic and other sounds

  • Increase your property value

  • Help to clean up the environment in and around your home

  • Inspire outdoor recreation and living enjoyment

Conversely, poorly-maintained, unhealthy trees can eventually cost you time, money, and property value. They can cause additional problems with other landscape vegetation as well, inviting infestation, disease, and other issues that compromise plant health.

Caring for your trees

Caring for your trees is an essential part of maintaining your landscape and protecting your home’s value. While many homeowners can take care of minor maintenance tasks such as weeding, watering, and small pruning issues, more significant maintenance needs are required to ensure optimal growth and health of your trees. In these cases, hiring an arborist will be necessary to promote tree health.

What is an arborist?

An arborist is a professionally-trained individual that studies and cares for trees. An arborist can be likened to a tree doctor; these experts are well-versed in tree care and maintenance, from planting and pruning to assessing trees for disease and infestation, making care recommendations, and even removal.

What does an arborist do?

An arborist’s primary responsibility is to keep trees in good health and protect you from the consequences of having unhealthy trees on your property. They can safely remove storm debris and dead branches, eradicate pest problems, repair structural deficiencies, and trim and prune foliage to ensure proper growth and health. Tree care can be dangerous work, and an arborist has the training and tools necessary to perform this work without putting you or your property at risk for injury and damage.

Does an arborist have certifications?

While certification is not always necessary to become an arborist, they can undergo third-party certification programs offering tree health and safety training. Well-known certification programs for arborists include The International Society Of Arboriculture and the Tree Care Industry Association. An arborist specializing in tree removal may also have a Tree Care Safety Professional Certification, ensuring that they have training in all aspects of safety related to tree care.

When should I call an arborist?

Any time you need help with your trees, you can hire an arborist. Suppose you are dealing with storm damage, looking to add new saplings to your landscape, or wish to have a diseased tree assessed and removed to make way for healthy foliage. In that case, an arborist can assess your landscape and make recommendations for care, removal, and replacement. If you feel the job you’re looking at is too big or too dangerous for you to handle, hire an arborist to take on the work.

What should I look for in an arborist?

Handling trees is dangerous; ensure that an arborist is appropriately licensed and insured before stepping on your property to complete work. This professional should have a minimum of liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance to ensure that he, you, and your property are all covered in the event of a mishap or injury.

Look for an arborist that has proper licensing in your city or state. Correct licensing and certification give you peace of mind that an arborist has the knowledge and skills needed to perform your work proficiently. You can verify an arborist’s certification using tools such as the ISA verification tool and the TCIA accredited arborist database to ensure you are getting quality service.

Sarasota Tree Service: Getting your job done right!

Planting, pruning, assessment, and removal are just a few of our many services to our valued customers; let us help you maintain and improve your landscape through all seasons. Don’t risk you or your property by attempting to do heavy tree work on your own; Sarasota Tree Service professionals are ready to attend to all aspects of your tree care. Visit to make an appointment today.

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