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Improving The Health And Quality Of Your Trees


Your landscape is an essential and important part of your home and property. A well-planned, well-maintained landscape can add as much as thirty percent to your overall property value, whether you’re looking to sell or you plan to stay for years to come.

Trees: An important part of your landscape

Trees add aesthetic value to your property and improve air quality in and around your home. They form a solid foundation for other plants and shrubs that make up your landscape. Keeping your landscape thriving and healthy is a delicate balancing act, and the proactive steps you take to keep trees healthy will improve the health of every plant in your yard.

How to keep trees healthy?

Several services exist for improving and maintaining the health of your trees. A trained arborist can provide you with not only valuable advice, but professional services that will keep your yard in tip-top shape season after season. Consider employing these services through your trained arborist to keep those trees thriving:

  1. Tree shearing–Tree shearing is the removal of dead, diseased, or dying branches and foliage that could compromise its long-term health and growth. In addition, shearing can protect you and your family members from harm that can befall you due to falling debris.

  2. Stump grinding–Once a tree has been removed, its stump can be ground down below the surface of your lawn to provide for natural breakdown and decomposition processes to occur. Don’t think of tree removal and stump grinding as destructive procedures, as they can actually make room for healthier growth to take place.

  3. Fertilization–Trees need a little nutrient boost to stay healthy from time to time. If your soil lacks nutrients, it will affect your tree’s long-term growth. Fertilization is used to keep trees and shrubs in prime condition, making them more resistant to infestation and disease.

  4. Bracing–Weakened tree limbs need to be reinforced and braced as they grow. Bracing these limbs by strapping them to nearby structures or stronger parts of the tree will help fortify them and give them a little help as they reach their full potential.

  5. Removal–Weakened, dying, and diseased trees must be removed to keep surrounding structures safe and other vegetation thriving and healthy. Your arborist has extensive knowledge of safe tree removal procedures, and is prepared with proper tools and equipment to facilitate this job easily.

  6. Treatment for infestation and disease–At times, even healthy trees can succumb to pest infestations and disease that threaten their survival. Depending on the type of trees you have on your property, you could be dealing with issues such as gypsy moths, carpenter ants, and root rot. Applying protocols and procedures will help eradicate these conditions and restore your vibrant trees to health once more.

Sarasota Tree Service: Your trusted tree experts

Sarasota Tree Service tree care professionals are committed to maintaining and preserving the health and beauty of your trees. Specializing in pruning, stump grinding, diagnosis and treatment of disease, and growth plans, we can work with you to design the landscape of your dreams. With over two decades of quality service for hundreds of customers, we proudly serve the Sarasota community with passion and integrity; the proof can be found in our beautiful work. Contact your friendly neighborhood arborist today. Visit for more information.

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