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Landscaping Trends That Are Up And Coming In 2021

Florida Landscaping

With the arrival of the new year comes a resolve to improve life, make resolutions, and live better lives. Many of us make resolutions to gain tighter control of our finances, keep a cleaner home, or to lose weight. If you are a homeowner, you may give thought to how you can improve your home's look and feel, both inside and out.

How's your landscape look?

A well-kept landscape and healthy trees can add significant value to your home and property. Market research suggests that overall property value can be increased by almost thirty percent with a well-maintained landscape. With access to quality landscape and arborist services, we owe it to ourselves to see if maintenance and improvement can make a difference in the way our home looks and feels.

Last year was a big year in the landscaping world, with several innovations grabbing our attention. Landscaping trends take us back to a more natural look with low-maintenance, eco-friendly, and water-smart designs. Many design concepts also include the use of outdoor spaces for activities that we once thought were destined to remain indoors.

Hot Trends In 2021: Consider Redesigning For Added Value

Consider these redesign trends if you want a fresh look, low maintenance beauty, and added value to your home and property. With an abundance of options, the only hard part will be deciding which look to sport:

  1. Going native--Native plants and trees have a range of benefits, and they have demonstrated that they can tolerate all weather conditions in your area. More and more homeowners choose plants and trees that are already native to the area, as they will thrive with the precipitation and weather conditions they are used to. Hundreds of years of adaptation and evolution help them to adapt to stressors, pests, and disease, so they'll be more likely to flourish with little to no maintenance.

  2. Creating eco-conscious living spaces--The use of eco-conscious elements that support natural wildlife is also becoming more popular. Trees and vegetation that support native wildlife are now the preferred option for many homeowners wishing to do their part to protect and preserve the environment. A less is more mentality provides resources to both humans and wildlife.

  3. Multi-season blooms--Gone are the days when we planned for just spring and summer blooms. A new focus on trees, plants, and shrubs that offer multi-season beauty opens up a whole new world of possibilities when planning a landscape that maintains its beauty and value all year round.

  4. Including pollinators--Even a small space set aside for a pollinator habitat can significantly impact climate change and provide for the very insects on which our food chain relies. Converting a portion of your lawn or garden to attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds will inevitably affect your whole neighborhood as you do your part to beautify and improve environmental function.

  5. Inclusion of smart technology--It is possible to include smart technology into your landscape in such a way that it functions undetected, improving the health of your trees, plants, and soil with little effort on your part. Installing subsurface irrigation with smart controllers takes the hassle out of a daily watering routine; even a standard sprinkler system is an effective way to lessen the load and keep your whole yard clean and green while blooming.

  6. Composting for healthy soil--Whether it's a result of poor planting, heavy foot traffic, erosion, or inclement weather, your landscape can suffer the effects of unhealthy soil over time. This problem can be easily fixed with a bit of composting--the conversion of food waste into fertilizer that will enrich your soil and keep plants and trees healthy and happy for seasons to come.

  7. Spacing out vegetation--The healthiest landscapes have a balance of short and tall, fat and thin, running through the property. Planning a future landscape with growth and expansion in mind will keep your trees and plants from overcrowding and will keep you from having to make difficult decisions about repair and removal once everything is in full bloom.

Want some professional advice? Give us a call!

At Fey and Sons, our trained arborists can assist you with all aspects of landscape design, repair, and maintenance. We provide exceptional service with planting, tree care, removal, and maintenance to keep your landscape looking its healthiest year-round. If you want a bit of a lawn makeover this year but are unsure where to start, give our professionals a chance to design one of these innovations for you that will make you the talk of your neighborhood. Visit today to see how we can improve your property's look, feel, and value.

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