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Perfect Plant and Tree Pairings For Your Landscape

Florida Landscape

Adding plants and trees to a landscape is one of the most affordable and sustainable ways to make your property more welcoming. The most successful landscape designs are ones that are deliberately planned, taking into account environmental and climate factors to ensure viability.

The importance of a well-preserved landscape

There are several reasons that you as a homeowner must prioritize the maintenance of your home and your landscape. Maintaining your property is not cheap, but care and attention to its whole aesthetic will yield you more value in the long one. Here are some more reasons why a well-preserved landscape is important.

  1. Landscaping preserves the environment. Urban development is destroying our natural environment and resources. Deliberate, thoughtful landscaping provides you with the opportunity to preserve and protect the environment.

  2. Landscaping improves mental health. Recent studies show that immersion in nature and natural environments is excellent for mental health. Being surrounded by greenery is proven to reduce stress, improve memory, and boost feelings of overall well-being.

  3. Landscaping adds to your property value. A well-planned, thriving landscape can increase your overall property value by as much as thirty percent. A little goes a long way with planning and planting a landscape that adds to the aesthetic value of your property.

Steps for designing the perfect landscape

Why are you planting? What do you want to grow? How to plant? These questions must be answered to determine the best pairings for your property. Consider your needs as you design the perfect combination of plants, shrubs, and trees to add depth and beauty to your home.

Shade trees

Shade trees add shelter and cool shade to your yard. Picking trees with broad canopies will help to cast a big shadow across your lawn, helping to regulate temperatures inside and around your home. Trees such as the bald cypress grow well in hot southern climates, with hearty branches and vegetation that can withstand the hot sun.

Perfectly paired: Low-lying, low-maintenance shrubs and plants that love shade do well under the bald cypress and other shade trees. Carolina jessamine, lamb’s ears, and snow-in-summer are beautiful additions to your yard without additional maintenance.

Beautiful blooms

Beautiful blooming trees with vibrantly colored blossoms add lush color and beauty to your yard all year long. Trees such as the magnolia tree are quite common in Florida landscapes, with its large flowering blooms and towering presence being a prominent feature of beautiful yards.

Perfectly paired: Camellias are gorgeous shrubs with flowers that mimic the shape and size of magnolia flowers, and they come in a wide variety of colors and shades to customize your landscape look. Blossoms thrive in light to moderate shade and make the perfect addition to the area surrounding magnificent magnolias.

Fruit-bearing trees

Many homeowners yield enormous satisfaction from being able to harvest fruits and nuts from their very own backyard. A wide variety of fruit and nut-bearing trees thrive in Florida weather and pair well with low-lying vegetation that doesn’t complicate ground harvesting.

Perfectly paired: Fruit-bearing trees benefit significantly from companion plants that can attract pollinators, keep pests away, and suppress weeds. Wildflowers, herbs, and low-lying shrubs are commonly paired with these trees, yet other food crops can also be planted to enhance growth and improve soil conditions for both species. Pair a lemon tree with some beautiful flowering dill or wildflowers for functional beauty that keeps giving all year.

Sarasota Tree Service: Maintaining Healthy Landscapes For Decades

With nearly 40 years of quality service and care for our clients, Sarasota Tree Service professionals are second to none in caring for your trees. A thriving yard starts with safeguarding the health of trees and plants on your property; we provide the best solutions and tips for keeping your trees and vegetation in tip-top shape as they add lush beauty and value to your property. Have questions about your landscape? Contact us today to schedule an assessment. Visit for more information.

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