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Practical Advice And Tips On Tree Care....From Your Arborist!

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The average homeowner doesn’t know much about landscaping, even less about tree care and maintenance. With your home’s landscape and trees being such an integral part of a property, it’s worth mentioning that maintaining a clean and healthy landscape is an important aspect of property ownership.

What you may not know….and need to…..about your trees

As you look around at the trees on your property, what do you see? Are branches and leaves falling at all times of the year? Do your tree trunks stand straight and tall, or is missing bark taking a chunk out of your outdoor enjoyment? There are some tips and practical advice that your friendly neighborhood arborist wants you to know as you collaborate with him to create your healthiest, most vibrant landscape yet. Take this helpful advice to heart as you design the landscape of your dreams:

Tips from your arborist

Your arborist wants to give you some additional knowledge and information to help you care for and maintain your trees. This information will be of use to you as you design your landscape with a trained arborist for best results:

  1. Many different factors affect tree health. The health of your soil, climate, weather, and even the proximity of your house to your trees can affect their health. One thing an arborist can do for you is to ask the right questions to craft the best tree care plan possible. Learn what questions to ask yourself, and you’ll be able to make more educated tree care and maintenance decisions that will positively impact your landscape.

  2. Plant native trees if possible. Different types of trees flourish best in a climate that supports their natural growth and development. Trees native to your environment and geographical location will obviously grow better than those we try to acclimate because we find them attractive or appealing. Do your research when selecting new trees for your landscape, and make sure they will play well with surrounding vegetation as they grow.

  3. Leave pruning to the experts. Pruning is serious business. Improper pruning of branches vital to your tree’s growth will cause lasting damage to a tree’s structure and make it more susceptible to infestation and disease. If you don’t have experience pruning trees, it’s best left up to the experts. Call in your arborist for a thorough assessment of your trees and what will be needed to restore their health and vitality.

  4. Your trees are part of a microclimate. Your landscape will grow and thrive if plants and trees are placed in locations that provide optimal sunlight and water. Your entire backyard is a microclimate of plants that function interdependently. Striking a delicate balance so that all can flourish will make for a beautiful, healthy landscape that includes healthy trees.

  5. When in doubt...hire an arborist! There are so many aspects of tree care and maintenance that can be dangerous if we attempt them on our own. If you don’t have knowledge of trees and tree care, it’s best to call a trained arborist to answer your questions and provide valuable advice on how to improve the health of your trees.

Choose Sarasota Tree Service For All Your Tree Care Needs

Sarasota Tree Service is a family-owned and operated company specializing in all aspects of tree care. Our professional, knowledgeable employees are passionate about creating beautiful landscapes for every customer, and our reputation is second to none. We take pride in every job we do, no matter how large or small. For expert advice on all aspects of design, maintenance, and care, trust your landscape and trees to our top-notch professionals. Visit to learn more about our services and to set up an appointment.

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