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Questions To Ask Your Arborist


Tree care is serious business. Protecting the health of your trees is a critical factor in keeping your landscape healthy and thriving. A healthy landscape adds value to your home and property by as much as 40 percent, so whether you’re passing your home on to the kids or selling it, you’ll want to protect your investment.

Caring for your trees

An arborist is trained to provide expert tree care tips and diagnose and treat ailments that can adversely affect tree growth. Unless you have extensive knowledge of trees and their growth cycles, you should not attempt to care for trees on your own. How do you ensure that you’re hiring someone who is trained and qualified to perform this important work? Asking some simple questions before hiring will help give you peace of mind that you’ve selected the right person for the job. Read on to see what to ask your arborist:

  1. Do you have references? Dig into online reviews and ask past customers about work quality, professionalism, and more to ensure that you’ve got the right person. Qualified arborists will be able to provide a long list of satisfied customers who are happy with their work. One who is hesitant to give you references is someone to avoid.

  2. Can you provide a quote? A professional arborist does not wish to take advantage of customers, and can usually provide an estimate on services that will be required to maintain the health of your trees. Steer clear of anyone who dances around the subject or wants to get paid before work is completed. These are red flags that indicate you’re being taken advantage of.

  3. Are you insured? Trees can do a great deal of damage to your home, your property, and to people on your property. A trained arborist knows this and can provide proof of insurance that would cover any and all incidents that occur during work. Ask for proof of insurance to determine whether an arborist is qualified to perform services on your property.

  4. What equipment will you use? As you ask this question, you’ll get a good idea if your arborist knows how to care for your trees. Trained arborists use a number of tools and specialized equipment to maintain trees. Bringing unnecessary equipment onto your lawn and property can cause additional damage to your landscape, and the right arborist will know how to properly care for your entire landscape when crafting a tree care plan.

  5. As much as we’d like the whole process of tree care to be neat and tidy, there will be incidents and damage done as a result of pruning and removing limbs and dead foliage. How do you handle damages and incidents? If you have an arborist giving you the runaround when asking this question, move on to someone that has clear and concise answers for you, as well as a damage protocol that protects both of you.

  6. Can I see your contract? A qualified and reputable professional has a contract that clearly outlines expected services, protocols, and procedures that protect all parties involved. Entering into a clear contract will give you peace of mind that work will be performed well and in a timely fashion. Anything else is unacceptable; move on till you find someone who puts your mind at ease.

Sarasota Tree Service: Providing Decades Of Superior Service

At Sarasota Tree Service, every aspect of tree care is of utmost importance to us. We provide superior tree care, maintenance, restoration, and removal to ensure that your most valuable asset is protected. Decades of service and scores of satisfied customers are a testament to our commitment to quality and superior service. For more information on our services, contact us today! Visit

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