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Safe Use Of Pesticides Around Trees

Palm Tree

As a homeowner, keeping a healthy landscape is likely important to you. We often face the issue of having to control weeds, insects, diseases, and other infestations that have the capability to contaminate food and destroy foliage and even property. There are times when these infestations cannot be controlled without the use of a pesticide.

Pesticides throughout history

Correct use of pesticides has been proven beneficial to our society. Global food production and the control of disease have been dependent on the use of pesticides. While we recognize their benefits, it is essential to recognize the potential dangers pesticides pose to our pets, landscapes, and ourselves.

What are pesticides?

A pesticide is a chemical derived from plant, animal, or synthetic material. It is manufactured with the express purpose of killing and repelling pests. These pests have the potential to threaten our health and livelihood. Several types of pesticides exist, including:

  • Insecticides--chemicals designed to protect people and property from insect damage and destruction

  • Fungicides--chemicals that are used to protect people and property from fungi that contribute to disease and decay

  • Miticides--chemicals used to control ticks and mites

  • Rodenticides--chemicals used to control rats, mice, and other rodents

  • Herbicides--chemicals that are used to control weeds and other undesirable vegetation

The potential dangers of pesticide use

Pesticides are considered poisons, even those with organic and natural formulas. If they are not handled properly, pesticides can cause damage to people, property, and vegetation, including the trees on your property. If excessive use of pesticides is implemented, you run the risk for health complications and illnesses that can arise from toxic exposure.

Knowing how to use, apply, and store pesticides as you care for your lawn and trees is essential for keeping your family safe. Improper use and careless disposal of these dangerous chemicals can result in soil and water contamination that can have long-reaching effects on the environment.

When pesticides are used correctly, they provide satisfactory pest control around your home and landscape without doing damage to the environment. Following administration instructions and properly storing these chemicals will ensure that your landscape, trees, and home will remain protected.

Safe selection of pesticides

Ongoing research and development of pesticides have resulted in hundreds of different products to choose from as you attempt to rid your landscape of troublesome pests. Pesticides can be found in liquid, dust, powder, granule, and bait form, each designed for a specific use.

Pesticide labels clearly indicate the level of toxicity and hazard; you must read the label thoroughly to determine your level of risk when handling and applying them. You must store pesticides where children and animals do not have access to them, and make sure that they are not in the area that you intend to treat while you use the product.

While pests are troublesome, try to select safer pesticides for use around the home and garden. Labels that indicate DANGER should never be applied by you; they are best left to professionals with experience in using these types of chemicals.

Responsible use of pesticides

Every case of human death resulting from pesticides has come from mishandling and misuse. Children are the most prone to injury and death, particularly if adults are lackadaisical about storage and application. You are responsible for keeping your home, landscape, and loved ones safe when you use pesticides, so read labels and follow all directions diligently.

Caring for landscape and trees safely

While pesticide use may be necessary for lawn and tree care, you must exercise caution and care when applying them for best results. Fortunately, Sarasota Tree Service has the experience and expertise to keep your trees healthy and thriving, no matter what kind of infestation you may be facing. We assess the health of your trees, making recommendations for their best care without compromising the health of other vegetation or putting you at risk for illness and injury. If you have questions about tree care, give us a call. We'd be happy to provide you with expert service and support that loyal customers have come to expect from our company. Visit for more information.

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