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The Benefits Of Adding Trees To Your Landscape


Since dawn, trees have furnished humans with two of life’s most essential elements–food and oxygen. As we evolved and learned to use our natural resources, trees became even more important to mankind, providing us with shelter, tools, and even life-saving medicine.

Today, the value of a tree continues to increase as more and more benefits are being discovered. The importance of a tree should not be overlooked as we add them to our landscapes, parks, and cities to beautify and protect our property.

The many benefits of trees

As a homeowner, you likely have some trees hanging about your property, providing shade, aesthetic appeal, and higher property values. Whether you are caring for mature trees or determining which saplings to add to your landscape to add to its beauty, consider some of the many benefits that come with tree “ownership.”

Trees have community and social value

Trees are an essential and important part of every community. Parks, streets, playgrounds, and even our own backyards are lined with trees that create more peaceful, pleasing backgrounds for our lives. Trees can increase the quality of our lives by bringing natural phenomena and wildlife into urban settings. We love to gather under their cool shade when engaging in outdoor activities, and many of our neighborhoods sport old, historic trees that serve as landmarks and storytellers of our history. Trees can also provide a cooling effect to our cement jungles by reducing the heat island effects caused by pavement, sidewalks, and commercial buildings.

Trees have environmental and ecological value

Trees contribute to our environment by improving air quality, climate regulation, and preserving soil and water reserves. The process of photosynthesis contributes to our health as well, taking in carbon dioxide that we expel and turning it into life-sustaining oxygen. Just one acre of forest can absorb six tons of carbon dioxide, replacing it with nearly four tons of oxygen. This amount of oxygen can sustain 18 people for over a year.

Trees are an essential part of the eco-systems where they reside. Trees can regulate climate by helping to moderate the effects of the sun, wind, and rain. They provide shelter for us in inclement weather and reduce the intensity of the greenhouse effect by maintaining lower levels of carbon dioxide. Their presence significantly impacts soil and sky as they quietly stand and stretch their beautiful limbs heavenward.

Trees have spiritual and personal significance to many

Trees are beautiful, majestic additions to our landscape. While no two are alike, different species give us much to look at as we behold various forms, textures, and a rainbow of colors. Humans react to trees with a pleasant, relaxed, comfortable feeling that signals protection and community.

How many of your childhood memories have to do with a tree swing, a playhouse, or imagination running wild as you spend time in nature? We often make emotional connections to trees as we plant living memorials of life-changing events. Strong bonds are evident in the existence of organizations across the globe that fight to protect their existence.

Trees have economic value

A well-maintained landscape makes a significant economic impact on property value. Just one healthy, thriving tree on your property can raise your value by as much as thirty percent. Trees around your landscape regulate heating and cooling costs, and some can even provide your family with significant savings on food and produce, giving you nature’s bounty right in your backyard.

Take care of those trees!

We are interdependent on our beautiful trees, and it is our responsibility to care for and maintain them so that they continue to perform their essential functions. Sarasota Tree Service professionals are trained arborists dedicated to preserving and protecting your trees. If you need advice on adding to your landscape or improving the health of your existing trees, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our service professionals. Visit for more information.

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