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The Difference An Arborist Can Make For Your Landscaping

We homeowners usually don't give any thought to our landscapes until a problem arises. Storm damage, high winds, and normal wear and tear can really take their toll on your home and surrounding property.

How is the health of your trees?

If you have beautiful, mature trees on your property that provide shade, shelter, and beauty to your home, you may consider having an arborist out to assess the health and condition of your trees. An arborist can provide an expert evaluation of your trees and surrounding landscape, as well as give recommendations for maintenance that you may not have thought of. The more you know about your trees, the more effectively you can care for and preserve their health, which in turn adds to the value of your home. Read on to see just how an arborist can partner with you to improve the health of your trees.

What is an arborist?

An arborist is a professional that is highly trained in all aspects of tree care. Much time, study, and effort is put into learning about all types of trees--growth patterns, unique challenges, and environmental factors that impact their health.

What does an arborist do?

Arborists have several functions when it comes to tree health, including:

  • Diagnosing and treating issues that negatively impact tree health

  • Designing comprehensive care and maintenance plans that improve tree health

  • Working to design landscape concepts that maintain the health and integrity of all vegetation

  • Pruning, repair, and ongoing maintenance to provide optimal conditions for the healthy growth of trees

An arborist recognizes the unique contribution that a tree has on not only your home and property, but the environment as a whole.

How does an arborist obtain proper certification and training?

To obtain certification as an arborist, one must study arboriculture and pass a series of examinations to demonstrate proficiency. After an initial examination has been passed, an arborist-in-training must complete a number of hours performing on-the-job training activities under the watchful eye of a certified arborist. After all the necessary hours have been completed, a certificate is awarded, and professional work can begin.

Keeping up with licensure for arboriculture is much the same as it is for other professions; an arborist must stay up to date on the latest technologies and attend ongoing training to keep a license active. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of a license and the inability to perform work until requirements have been met once more.

What services can an arborist provide me?

A qualified arborist can provide all tree-related services from planting to tree removal, and all growth stages in between. Some of these services include:

  1. Tree planting--It takes special knowledge of trees and tree growth patterns to properly plant a tree. Taking into consideration such as maturation size, location, and whether a tree is appropriate for your particular region are all things an arborist keeps in mind when selecting and suggesting trees for your particular landscape.

  2. Pruning--An improperly pruned tree can sustain damage that cannot be repaired; this will negatively impact its future growth and possibly invite disease and infestation onto your property. A certified arborist is trained to properly prune and dress trees in ways that do not harm existing tissues and prevent future growth and health issues.

  3. Care and maintenance--From clearing infections and infestations to providing fortified soil and water protocols for optimal growth, an arborist can assess your tree health and make suggestions that will result in the best possible outcome.

  4. Tree removal--Once a tree is past its prime or died completely, it becomes essential to remove it to provide surrounding trees and vegetation with optimal growth conditions. An arborist can carefully remove damaged and dead tree tissue without doing damage to surrounding landscape vegetation or to your home.

When are you going to call?

At Fey and Sons, LLC, our certified arborists are the best in the business. From tree planting and care to pruning and removal, we will assess your trees' health and provide valuable advice that will improve tree health and add value to your home. Leave the heavy lifting to us; visit for more information.

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