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The Importance Of Hiring An Arborist To Care For Your Trees

Florida Home Landscaping

Those of us who are homeowners may mumble and grumble at certain times of the year, having to remove leaves, deal with downed branches, and mow around troublesome root systems, but trees really do add value to a property.

Not only do beautiful trees add value and beauty to your property, but they also help reduce your energy costs, improve your health, lower anxiety, and provide a more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that you can call home.

Benefits of having healthy trees around your home

Trees provide a lifetime of beauty and enjoyment; if you are lucky enough to acquire your home while your foliage is still relatively young, you will enjoy all the benefits your trees can afford you as long as you own the home. When it is time to sell, a mature tree appraises anywhere from $1000 - $10,000, and its value will be evident when it’s time to close at the negotiation table.

While remodeling your kitchen and bathroom are great ideas to net a profit on the sale of your home, recent studies indicated that beautiful landscaping could net up to a 200 percent return when you sell your home. Keep your yard and trees in pristine shape with the help of an arborist, and you’ll see much of this investment going back into your pocket.

Trees also provide shade and a bit of insulation around your home, helping you to reduce energy costs. You need only to look at your year-round energy savings to know that caring for and maintaining your trees is a valuable investment.

Professional tree care: A valuable investment in your whole home

Hiring an arborist to care for your trees is the smart way to care for your home and increase its value. An arborist is a tree expert, someone who has a broad knowledge of trees and the specialized care needed to enable them to flourish. If you have trees on your property, it is time to consider hiring an arborist to care for your trees in ways that will add life to them and value to your home. Here are some reasons that hiring an arborist is a smart investment:

1. An arborist knows what will flourish on your property. If you need to plant trees, an arborist can give you valuable advice on what species will flourish, which trees to plant, and where to anchor them for maximum longevity. Attempting to make these decisions on your own could be quite costly; an arborist will save you both time and money by giving expert advice on what landscaping would be best for your property.

2. An arborist knows how to remove trees safely. Tree removal is a dangerous business; if you attempt to do so yourself, you could risk damage to your property, your belongings, and even yourself. An arborist has knowledge of the tree removal process; he also has access to specialized tools and equipment that are necessary for safe tree removal. Do not risk damage to your home or to those you love; employ an arborist to get the job done.

3. An arborist can deal with emergency tree care. In situations where you sustain damage to or loss of trees on and around your property, you need advice and expertise from an arborist who can safely facilitate clean up and removal in ways that do not incur further damage to your home or property. Attempting to do so yourself could cause injury; call in a professional to help you deal with emergencies requiring removal and cleanup of trees and other debris from your property.

4. An arborist can prune your trees for optimal health. Pruning trees is an essential part of their care, and it can reduce damage to your home as well. Removing dead limbs, heavy branches, and other growth that could cause structural damage to your home is essential for providing a safe living environment for you and your family. Pruned trees grow in a healthy manner; the act of pruning a tree improves its appearance and stature, which in turn enhances the look of your home and property. Removing these large branches and overgrowth can be dangerous; hire an arborist to deal with this issue while you stay firmly planted on the ground.

5. An arborist provides essential health care for trees. Healthy trees are attractive trees, and they grow well, enhancing the look and appeal of your property. An arborist performs the following services to ensure that all trees on your homestead are healthy:

  • Disease prevention and pest control

  • Aeration of soil for optimal growth

  • Fertilization for healthy development

  • Bracing and cabling of weak branches to guide growth

  • Corrective pruning

  • Irrigation as needed

Preventative care of your trees will reduce costly care and clean up later on. An arborist can diagnose and treat issues as needed, saving you time and money in the process.

Need some tree work done? Contact us today!

Fey and Sons, LLC, is a company that is committed to all aspects of tree care, installation, and removal. With over 39 years of experience, certified and professional arborists, and a commitment to total client satisfaction, we will address your tree need and complete your job, no matter how large or small. Contact us now to see how we will improve the look and value of your home. Visit for more information.

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