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Tips For Finding The Perfect Arborist

Tree Maintenance

Hurricanes, hail, and damaging winds–these natural occurrences are just a few of the turbulent events that have taken place across the southeastern part of the United States in the past few weeks. Mother Nature has unleashed her seasonal fury upon us, and many of us are finding our way through a reconstruction and rebuilding process after the storm. Even if your home and vehicle managed to escape the onslaught, your trees may have taken a beating. Small microbursts of driving wind can strip leaves and bark from those tender limbs, sending them crashing down onto your property below.

Protection Is Prevention

Protecting those trees will potentially protect both you and your property from harm the next time a storm arises. Hiring a tree care company or individual's professional services will help you protect your trees and your home from damage. How do you find the right person or company for the job? Here's a cheat sheet on finding the perfect arborist for your important job.

Consider Credentials

Not everyone with a chainsaw and a ladder is an arborist. You are putting yourself and those you love at risk by attempting to trim your trees by yourself. In this case, looking for an arborist with reputable and proven credentials will give you peace of mind that they have adequate training and licensing for your job. An arborist specializes in all aspects of tree care and health. Certified arborists have a minimum of three years of field experience or a degree before they apply for the ISA Certified Arborist exam. This exam and related license requirements must be renewed every three years, meaning that if an arborist complies, they have ongoing training and expertise that they can use to improve their skills. Certification also ensures that an arborist is current with state and local regulations.

Look For Proper Licensing

Doing a little research could save you time and money as you look for the right tree professional for your job. Finding an appropriately trained and licensed arborist to operate in your state will ensure that your job will be completed the right way. Your state may not require an arborist to be licensed, which could leave a little leeway for those attempting to take advantage of clients in need.

Ask For Recommendations

An arborist who has had experience working with people you know, and trust is more of a guarantee that they will perform work as requested. If a friend or neighbor has had a good experience with someone in your area, you are also likely to have a good one. Other places to look include ISA and TCIA websites and social media channels. These networks make good companies easier to find, and bad ones have nowhere to hide.

Ask For Quotes

You are in the driver's seat when hiring a professional for your tree care. The right person for your work will be able to provide you with an accurate assessment of the required work, as well as provide you with quotes for services that are within your budget. Contact several companies and ask for consultations and quotes to determine which one is best for you and your property. If a company or individual hesitates to give you a bid beforehand, move on. This indicates that they may attempt to overcharge you or add on additional services that you may not want or need.

Sarasota Tree Service: Ready To Serve You!

Sarasota Tree Service professionals are ready to help you clean up your home and property after your next storm. We will preserve and protect the landscape you've worked so hard to create by providing top-notch maintenance, care, and cleanup of your trees and property. Contact us now for a complimentary consultation. Visit for more information.

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