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Tree Advice From An Arborist


Most homeowners don't even think about employing an arborist until they are faced with a tree issue that they themselves cannot handle. Large dangling branches, fallen trees, and compromised power lines are just a few of the problems that can arise if regular tree maintenance and inspection are not performed.

A certified arborist is not just to be used and employed for emergencies--they are our best go-to source for knowledge and advice related to tree care. Here is some solid advice from our trained arborists on the basics of tree care, and why it's essential to maintain your trees to preserve and protect the value of your home:

Tip #1--Obtain knowledge about your property and landscape. Many arborists ask questions about your home and property when attempting to diagnose and assess tree health. They might ask questions related to the length of time you've lived in your home, as well as whether you've employed lawn care services or arborists in the past. The more information you have regarding your landscape and property, the more accurately an arborist can diagnose and treat possible issues that could affect tree health.

Tip #2--Take care of your soil. The first place an arborist will look when diagnosing tree issues is the root system and the soil that it lives in. Any stressors or imbalances in the soil will affect the root system first, then extend to the outermost parts of a tree. Getting recommendations on how to nourish and care for your soil properly will improve tree and plant health tremendously; seek an arborist's advice before attempting to assess the composition of your soil or make additions to it.

Tip #3--Always plant native if possible. There is a reason that palm trees don't grow in the Midwest; they weren't designed to grow optimally in the weather conditions that the Midwest presents. For a tree to thrive and flourish, it must be allowed to grow where it is well acclimated to the soil, weather, and water. Do some research when choosing trees, and plant trees that are native to your geographical location for a beautiful landscape and best results.

Tip #4--Please don't try to prune trees yourself. Try as you might---and you may have the best intentions---you will likely not be able to prune your trees in a way that they won't sustain permanent growth damage. You will not only be putting yourself at risk using equipment and tools you may not be comfortable with, but you risk damaging your trees and preventing proper future growth. A trained arborist has detailed knowledge of growth patterns and best pruning practices to ensure the ongoing health of trees. Leave the trimming to us, and we'll clean up your foliage in ways that ensure continued growth and beauty for years to come.

Tip #5--Trees need to be monitored for adequate water absorption. In dry or arid climates, your trees may need additional water from time to time. Depending on the age, size, and type of tree, they have different needs that may need to be assessed by an arborist. If you have questions about watering for optimal growth and health, contact a tree care professional to help you figure out the right watering schedule for your landscape.

Tip #6--Trees should be inspected yearly for best results. Prevention is the best way to prevent damage to your property, home, and trees. Trees and other foliage on your property should be inspected at least annually to prevent disease, decay, and degeneration from affecting your entire landscape. By knowing what to look for, a trained arborist can look for signs of trouble and make recommendations for care that preserve the health of your trees, your landscape, and your home. A small investment of care can yield significant gains as you look forward to many more years of beautiful growth.

Fey And Sons: Your Premiere Tree Professionals

Fey And Sons, LLC is a premier family-owned company dedicated to providing exceptional service in all aspects of tree care. We have both the knowledge and expertise to keep your trees growing their healthiest-- from planting and growing to maintenance, repair, and removal. If you want to add significant value and beauty to your home and landscape for years to come, trust the tree care professionals at Fey And Sons to get the job done. Visit for more information.

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