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What is tree surgery and when is it needed?

Florida Landscape

As a homeowner, you know how vital it is to have an element of curb appeal to your home's exterior and landscaping. Part of this landscape design is the addition of some well-placed, well-cared-for trees.

What does a tree add to your landscape?

A tree does more than add simple beauty to your landscape. It can:

  • Help to increase your property values

  • Cut down on heating and cooling costs

  • Provide protection and shade for you and your family

  • Contribute to a healthier neighborhood

Caring for your trees is not something that a homeowner thinks about until issues are noticed. Yes, trees can become sick and diseased too, much like their human counterparts. We make a doctor appointment when we are feeling under the weather; perhaps it's time to call in a certified arborist or tree surgeon to assess our trees' health and protect the value of our most valuable asset-- the home.

When intervention is needed

Trees can become subject to disease and injury if not properly maintained. Without proper care and intervention, these issues can quickly become more significant, affecting tree health and longevity. Issues such as fungal infections, pest infestations, bacterial infestations, chemical and soil problems, and natural and human damage threaten to destroy this beautiful addition to our landscape.

Dead limbs, decaying foliage, and missing bark are indicators that something is not right with your trees. In these cases, calling in a professional to assess your tree health and make recommendations for care is needed. It's time to call an arborist.

Arborist? Tree surgeon? What's the difference?

An arborist and a tree surgeon are interchangeable terms for one who is highly skilled and trained in all aspects of caring for and pruning trees. These knowledgeable professionals have gone through years of training and on-the-job application to accurately diagnose and treat all kinds of trees. Professional certifications and ongoing training make arborists capable of maintaining and restoring trees to vibrant health.

What will an arborist do for my trees?

You would likely call an arborist or tree surgeon when a tree requires pruning or care. This highly trained professional will then spend a good amount of time scaling your tree, inspecting branches and trunk for damage, or even digging around root systems to pinpoint your point of infection/infestation. Once the issue is discovered, he will then work to prune off diseased branches and foliage, seal up wounds, and prevent further infestation and infection. He will then likely give you a specific treatment protocol to be followed for aftercare to nurse your tree back to health. They have extensive knowledge and expertise with all types of trees---their growth patterns, potential disease and infestation risks, and treatment protocols that must be followed for optimal health and growth. If proper pruning and aftercare measures are followed, your trees will be given the help they need to grow and flourish once more.

How can I tell if my trees need care?

Regardless of the types of trees you have in your landscape, you should be able to look for some common signs and symptoms that trouble is brewing. Some of these common tree issues include:

  • Bark abnormalities

  • Decay and holes in bark

  • Dead branches

  • Leaf discoloration

  • Poor tree structure

  • Weeping areas of bark; sticky substances that aren't indicative of the type of tree

  • Pest infestations around the root system

If you see any of these issues, it's time to call in a professional arborist to assess your tree health and make recommendations for restoring it to its former vibrance.

Need help restoring your trees? Call us today!

Fey and Sons, LLC, are a team of committed professionals who care about your trees. We believe that healthy trees are the crowning glory of any landscape; we will work with you to diagnose, treat, and repair any tree issues that you have, restoring them to their intended brilliance. Don't let dead and diseased trees reduce the look and feel of your property. Contact us today for a thorough examination and assessment of your tree health. A more beautiful landscape is just a click away; contact for more information.

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