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Why Add Trees To My Landscape?

Florida Landscaping

As homeowners, we tend to take our landscape and trees for granted until something goes awry. Your landscape is an important and essential aspect of your property, adding value and beauty to your home. As such, educating yourself with respect to the various benefits of having lush vegetation will hopefully inspire you to commit to ongoing care and maintenance that makes your property thrive.

Benefits of adding trees to your landscape

Trees have been thriving on this planet since the dawn of time. Providing a background for favorite memories, we expect to see these mighty giants in various places, adding beauty and much more to our lives. What do you stand to gain by planting trees on your property? Read on to see the many benefits of tree care and maintenance.

1. Trees eliminate greenhouse gases. The process of photosynthesis eats up carbon dioxide from the air, storing it in a tree’s wood for later use. As this greenhouse gas becomes trapped and used by your tree, it positively impacts the air quality around you. Committing to tree care could take a significant amount of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, positively impacting the entire planet over time.

2. Trees impact mental health. Healthy trees lead to healthy people. Recent studies done at the University of Rochester revealed that connection to nature has an invigorating effect on people, inspiring feelings of feeling more peaceful and alive than those surrounded by concrete jungles. Getting outside and under the shade of a big, beautiful tree does wonders to boost mood and promote better well-being.

3. Trees positively impact physical health. Taking a daily walk outdoors is not only good for the mind, but beneficial for physical health as well. Several studies around the United States and worldwide explore health benefits such as:

  1. Improved immunity

  2. Lowered blood pressure

  3. Reduced stress

  4. Accelerated healing

  5. Improved energy

  6. Improved sleep

People spend time outdoors and find a greater connection to themselves and others. These positive relationships inspire feelings of better health and well-being.

4. Trees improve air quality. Trees are able to remove air pollution that can be most dangerous to our respiratory system–particulates. Dangerous concentrations of airborne particles can impact our respiratory health and leave us susceptible to illnesses, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. Simply planting some trees on your property will do wonders for cleaning up the air you breathe and providing you and your family with a cleaner environment to live in.

5. Trees provide a vital shelter for wildlife. Just a single tree has the capacity to provide shelter for hundreds of species of wildlife and insects. A large neighborhood of trees can provide refuge for wildlife that fortifies the web of life on this planet. Many diverse species can survive and thrive as you do your part to support systems that, in turn, support you.

6. Trees provide cool shade. Trees provide us all with much-needed shade when we need it most. As temps rise, heat waves across the globe become more and more common, putting us all at risk for heat-related physical conditions that are difficult to manage. A neighborhood with lots of concrete can be ten to twelve degrees hotter than the surrounding vegetation; leafy trees can cool down these residential areas and protect you from heat stroke and other related conditions.

7. Trees can even purify the water supply. A toast to your neighborhood trees! Trees are able to store and filter more than half the water supply in the U.S. alone. A tree removes sediment and pollutants from rainfall and slowly releases them back into underground water tables. Thanks to the natural filtration process, this water is much cleaner than it would be if it fell right into your glass.

Sarasota Tree Service: Providing You With Superior Tree Care

Trees may be resilient, but they still need proper care and maintenance to optimize their function and provide us with all these amazing benefits. Sarasota Tree Service professionals are ready to provide exceptional tree care service, maintenance, and ongoing care for your landscape trees. Over four decades of quality service and customer satisfaction demonstrate that we are committed to caring for and improving your property, one tree at a time. Contact us now for a detailed assessment of your property. Visit for more information.

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