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Why Should I Plant Trees On My Property?


Trees are not only aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, they have provided us with food and oxygen for centuries. As we continued to evolve throughout history, we used trees for shelter, medicine, and crafting tools. As you contemplate the place and the value that trees have in our world, think about the many ways that this beautiful greenery enhances the beauty of your property, but your quality of life.

Community value

Our playgrounds, streets, and neighborhoods are lined with trees that help create a more aesthetically pleasing environment. Trees bring a fresh element and wildlife habitats into our urban settings, and we gather under their cool shade as we hold backyard barbecues and other family celebrations. Many neighborhoods can boast historic trees, having stood strong for hundreds of years, adding value to their surroundings.

Environmental value

Trees impact their environment in that they provide oxygen, improve air quality, preserve soil, and help protect wildlife. Just one acre of forest can convert six tons of carbon dioxide and replace it with four tons of fresh oxygen. This four-ton conversion is enough to meet the annual air quality needs for 18 people. Trees and other greenery can also filter the air, removing dust, dirt, and debris and purifying the surrounding air. After these unhealthy particles are intercepted, rain then washes them back to the ground.

Trees help to regulate the climate by moderating the effects of wind, precipitation, and sun. They lower the intensity of hot and cool fluctuations, and they provide shade and shelter from high winds and extreme rainfall.

Deeply set roots help to anchor the soil and enrich it for surrounding vegetation. Bringing in excess water via the vascular system helps replenish the groundwater system and keeps topsoil from washing away.

Personal and emotional value

Many of us connect to the trees that we incorporate into the landscape because they are both beautiful and majestic. Shapes, colors, textures, and variety add depth to our property and warm memories as we watch our loved ones interact with them as they grow. Many of our own childhood memories are associated with trees in the backyard, play in our natural environment, and outdoor games that we hold dear as we contemplate our youth.

Property and economic value

The collective influence of a well-manicured landscape has a significant impact on your property value. Direct benefits come first from energy savings, and aesthetically pleasing lines and lush greenery add to the overall value of a property, keeping your investment in your home secure. Mature, well-maintained trees are regularly appraised anywhere from $1000-$10,000, depending on age and size. Regular care and maintenance of both trees and landscape is an essential part of homeownership, allowing you to negotiate and sell with confidence.

How do I maintain?

While it may be tempting to care for trees on your own, few homeowners have the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to properly care for your landscape. Securing the assistance of a trained arborist will allow you to protect your trees and preserve and add value to your property. A little care and maintenance go a long way; your trees will grow and mature in much healthier ways with a bit of ongoing TLC administered by a trained professional.

Fey and Sons: Landscaping Professionals

For decades, the professionals at Fey and Sons have been protecting and preserving trees and adding value to homes across southern Florida. We are trained in all aspects of tree care---from planting and growing to emergency care and removal--we will assess your trees' health and provide you with the best recommendations for improving your landscape, one tree at a time. For more information on how we can improve the look and feel of your property, contact us for a free estimate. Visit to schedule today.

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