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Why Work With An Arborist For Your Landscaping Job?


Making an appointment with your doctor when you are ill is second nature to many of us. So is calling in a plumber when you have a leaky faucet or shower. Why do we attempt to undertake massive landscaping projects by ourselves?

More intricate work than you might realize

As you consider adding trees and plants to your existing landscape to beautify your home, consider the many reasons you should call in an arborist. Arborists are fully trained professionals who know much about landscaping and tree care. They should be one of your first calls when considering a change to your home’s landscape. Here are some more reasons to consider choosing an arborist to help you safely design and care for your landscape.

  1. Arborists are trained professionals. Arborists are certified and specially trained to work with trees. Many have specialized training that focuses on trees and vegetation native to the regions where they live and work. They put this knowledge to work when serving you, helping you choose the right kinds of trees for your landscape and soil. They will assist you in caring for and nurturing these trees to ensure that you get optimal growth and benefit from their addition to your landscape.

  2. Arborists use safe care protocols. Tree care can be downright dangerous. It involves working from great heights, using powerful tools, and lifting heavy limbs and objects to clear your property. Just one wrong decision could put you at risk for injury or worse if you attempt to do this work yourself. An arborist has access to the kinds of tools and equipment that can make these jobs safer and easier for everyone.

  3. Arborists protect your property and increase its value. Your trees play a significant role in the value of your property. Well-maintained trees can add up to thirty percent of your home’s value when it comes time to sell; sick trees can lower the value of your property and put you and your loved ones at risk. Regular care from a trained arborist is more cost-effective than replacing and removing dead shrubs and trees; consider the money you could save by employing their services as part of preventative care and maintenance for your trees.

  4. Arborists can assess storm damage. Damaging hail, strong winds, and wintertime ice can wreak havoc on your trees. At times, this damage is apparent, while at other times, it is less noticeable. Even minor damage can lead to significant loss; a trained arborist can use his knowledge and experience to identify signs of damage and make suggestions for improving tree health.

  5. Arborists can perform tree removals when necessary. While it would be wonderful to save each tree on your property, there are times when removal is the best course of action for your home and surrounding property. Tree removal is a complicated and dangerous process; letting an arborist handle the details of this significant undertaking is the best option for everyone involved.

  6. Arborists can give the best advice for planting. An arborist will look at your existing landscape and make recommendations for planting and caring for trees and other plants in your landscape. He will provide the best tips for follow-up care and maintenance and suggestions for plants that would work well with your existing trees. He will use his extensive knowledge to help you design a healthy, thriving landscape.

  7. Arborists can assess potential tree threats. A tree is a living thing that can face threats of illness, infection, and injury. An arborist can evaluate tree health and look for signs of weakness that can open doorways to injury, illness, and devastating pest infestation. Once found, he can then craft a plan to minimize damage and return your trees to health once more.

Sarasota Tree Service: Your Tree Service Professionals

Sarasota Tree Service professionals have decades of service and quality care involving all kinds of tree and landscape needs. Don’t try to do the dirty work on your own! Our highly trained arborists are ready and willing to tackle your tree care and landscape maintenance to add value to your home and property. We’ll elevate your landscape and tree health to new heights with our cutting-edge care and maintenance plans. Visit for more information.

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