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Why You Should Prune Your Trees

Florida Trees

As a homeowner, you no doubt realize that the look and feel of your property are important. Whether you remain in your primary residence for years, or you are looking to sell, it is just as important to take care of the land and foliage around your home as it is to take care of your home itself.

Landscaping improves the look and feel of your home, and it adds value to your property. Overgrown grass and shrubs, sickly-looking trees, and debris all detract from your home’s outward appearance. If you want to feel better about your property, both inside and outside, you need to consider a little cleanup.

Caring for your trees

Adding value to your home is easy with well-cared-for trees. Trees are both beautiful and functional, providing aesthetic value and helping you to save on your energy costs. They provide shade and shelter, a place to gather, and numerous other benefits to your home and property. It is essential to care for them so that they flourish for as long as you own your home and beyond. The easiest way to ensure that your trees are healthy and “happy” is to prune them.

Why prune trees?

Pruning trees is removing dead branches, structures, and debris that can inhibit natural, healthy tree growth. The art of pruning has been around for centuries, and it is best performed by an arborist, a professional that knows how to prune for the best tree growth and health. Here are some reasons why you should regularly maintain and prune the trees on your property:

  • Pruning makes your whole yard more beautiful. Nothing is quite as majestic as a well-pruned tree; it adds beauty and value to everything around it. By cutting off limbs and removing dead matter from a tree, you are enabling it to grow and flourish in the most natural way possible. Pruning also gives you the opportunity to shape and influence the growth of a tree, providing additional aesthetic appeal to your whole landscape.

  • Pruning helps with tree growth. Trees that are allowed to grow tall and strong can withstand Mother Nature more efficiently. Pruning trees assists with growth, strengthening root systems, and fortifying its whole structure. Strong trees are healthy trees, and they add beauty and value to your home.

  • Pruning helps with fruit production. Any fruit tree benefits significantly from pruning. By removing limbs, you’re providing better health for the tree, and it will be able to bear fruit more efficiently. Removing dead wood from fruit-bearing trees is important, as dead structures are an invitation for insect infestation and disease to take place. Keep your trees healthy, and you’ll see an increase in fruit production.

  • Pruning keeps you safe. Believe it or not, those dead branches and overgrowth can be hazardous to you and your family members. Dead branches can easily fall during high winds or storms, causing damage to your property and even harm to yourself and others. Calling in a professional to remove these dangerous branches is the best practice to keep everyone safe and sound while on your property.

  • Pruning helps to reduce and prevent disease. Just like us, trees can contract harmful diseases. Through pruning diseased branches and wood, you can reduce the spread of and even eradicate disease, helping your trees to flourish once more.

  • Pruning improves the view. Vista pruning is a term used to describe consciously removing foliage, branches, and debris to enhance the look of a valley or landscape. Hiring someone to strategically remove these items will help reveal the view of some pretty spectacular views.

Want to beautify your property? Consider us!

Fey and Sons, LLC is a company of professionals with over 39 years of experience in all aspects of tree care. Our tree technicians and certified arborists are committed to preserving and protecting the health of your trees. Our ultimate goal for you is a beautiful landscape that will continue to enhance the value of your home for years to come. Don’t delay; set up a consultation today. Visit for more information.

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