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A beautiful landscape can improve the appeal and value of your home or business in the Sarasota and Manatee County areas. In addition, mature trees can greatly enhance your yard's look. Unfortunately, as the trees around your property mature, their expanding root systems can become problematic. Roots can be both unsightly, unsafe and cause many issues from broken concrete to foundation damage or simply just creating tripping hazards.  When it comes to tree root preservation, tree root treatment plans, tree root removal, and cutting, Sarasota Tree Service is your go to option. We can evaluate your unique situation and come up with a plan to fix such issues without compromising the health of your tree. We have the education, skill, and equipment needed to safely and effectively remove, prune, or correct your root issues while maintaining the health of your trees.

A lot of times, the declining health of your tree can be directly impacted by the state of your tree’s root system. New construction damage, harmful chemicals from driveway / roof cleanings, or over mulched / buried root collars are just a few common issues. If saving your tree is the goal, having a specialist diagnose these issues can greatly help your tree in Sarasota. Tree root removal and cutting may not be necessary.

Services offered:

  • Root Pruning

  • Air Spading

  • Root barrier Installation

  • Root Collar Excavation 

  • Root Reviver Treatments

Root Care
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